What It Looks Like Inside A Big Rig

We see them everywhere we go. We see them on the road, on the side of the road, at rest stops, at grocery stores…everywhere. With that being said, have you ever wondered what it looks like inside a big rig? These drivers travel from coast-to-coast, where their 18-wheeler becomes their second home on wheels. To make a big rig suitable for day-to-day living, manufacturers put a lot of thought into building the rig digs to make it comfortable for the driver, on and off the road.  They don’t all look the same; the appearance depends on the manufacturer, the decor and taste of the driver, and even additions of luxury for big rig owners.

It isn’t always easy for the men and women of trucking to be on the road for long periods of time. The comfort of home, family and friends, and familiarity isn’t at arms reach. It is important to make these big rigs comfortable and livable for drivers, as well as a place to maximize productivity. What are the things that drivers cannot live without on the road? A place to get good rest. A place for their food (both cold and dry). Compartments for their clothing and other personal belongings.

Want to see what it looks like inside a big rig? Take a look at the inside of a 2020 Peterbilt 579.

Inside a Big Rig

Here we have the very front of the big rig. It looks similar to any other truck or car out there. It has its steering wheel, its gears, and its seats. There is not much to see inside…yet. The coolest feature about this part of the truck is simply the height—how far the driver is from the ground. It’s like the whole world is visible from this height! The dashboard is another cool feature. It is specifically designed ergonomically to avoid stress on the body by keeping everything at a close distance.

If the driver turns to their right, they will see the closet and refrigerator inside their big rig. The necessities. The driver can stock up on their favorite cold drinks and snacks without worrying about them being warm. Notice the small ice chest amenity…ice cream anyone?! The closet above is a perfect spot to put anything from clothing to books inside.

Directly opposite the refrigerator, behind the driver’s seat, are a lot more compartments for storage for the driver. There is a radio, chargers for phones and iPads, and controls for the heat and air conditioning (HVAC controls).An overhead light keeps this area well lit, and drink holders ensure the driver has a way to keep their beverages upright. Visible in this photo are blinds that go over the windows to block outside light and ensure the driver gets restful sleep.

The last shows the view of the very back of the sleeper. This particular big rig has a bunk, or two beds. Notice that the top bunk can easily fold up to give the driver more room if need be. The area is actually quite spacious for being inside a big rig! A driver’s comfort is a crucial part of their health and overall well-being.

In Conclusion

A big rig may not be anyone’s first choice, but it sure isn’t a bad second choice, or even one’s office choice! Sometimes people who aren’t familiar with the trucking industry don’t understand the world of a trucker. Hopefully, with a view inside a big rig truck, more people can understand and appreciate the work of a truck driver.

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