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Regional, OTR, or Vocational Trucking: What’s Right for You

Regional, OTR, or Vocational Trucking: What’s Right for You

Truck driving is a popular occupation, and it’s important to weigh your options and find what the best fit is for you. There are three main types of trucking:

  1. REGIONAL: This typically involves day trips—often a maximum of one or two nights out. A driver may run areas anywhere from a few cities or counties to a few states.
  2. OVER THE ROAD (OTR): A long-haul OTR driver can spend weeks at a time on the road with coast-to-coast loads.
  3. VOCATIONAL: Vocational drives take care of specific jobs or tasks. This category includes dump trucks, end-dumps and side-dumps, belly dumps, refuse (garbage trucks and roll-offs), concrete trucks, service trucks, rail trucks, and the list goes on. These types of rigs are often found in construction sites, oil fields, landfills, and more.

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Learn More About Everything We Have to Offer at Allstate Peterbilt Group

Why buy from Allstate Peterbilt Group?

The Allstate Peterbilt Group network of dealerships includes locations in multiple states spread throughout the Midwest. This extensive network allows us to serve a wide variety of customers. If you have yet to visit us, you may have passed by one of our locations and are asking “Why buy from Allstate Peterbilt Group?” Read the rest of this entry >>

The Advantages of Online Parts Ordering

By Anthony Howard
Regional Parts Manager
Allstate Peterbilt Group


In a world where shopping online has become the norm at home, why shouldn’t the trucking industry take advantage of the same time-

saving opportunities at work?

Across the industry more and more dealers and manufacturers are providing web portals for their customers. Some of these sites are very simple, while others offer a whole suite of services. Regardless of the complexity, all of these sites aim to help make doing business easier. From ordering your parts, printing a copy of an invoice, or simply shopping for chrome, these sites can save you valuable time. Read the rest of this entry >>

Planning for the Next Round of Emission Regulations “GHG Phase 2”

By Tom Wentworth
General Sales Manager
Allstate Peterbilt Group
Have you ever thought it would have been nice to have a “do over” on how you planned for 2007 and the first DPF trucks required by the EPA? If so, Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 may provide you with your chance. By the time you read this president Obama will most likely have signed the latest emission reduction proposal into law. It may be worth a quick google search of the topic which will provide you with dozens of articles detailing the new requirements. Read the rest of this entry >>

Four Questions You Should Always Ask when Buying a Used Truck

By Bill Maki
Used Truck Manager
Allstate Peterbilt Group
The time has come… you are ready to purchase your “new” used truck! Do you know what you should be looking for when evaluating a truck? After all, this is a critical decision and you want to be sure you are making the best choice for you and your business. Before purchasing a used truck, you should always ask the following four questions: Read the rest of this entry >>

Commercial Truck Rentals Give Your Business Flexibility

By Brady Mork
Rental Manager
Allstate Peterbilt Group
Whether you are an Owner Operator or run a large fleet, your primary goal is to make sure that your contracted freight gets to its final destination, on time! Now for the hard part; with all the disruptions that trucks and trucking companies will encounter, some good and some bad, how can you help to ensure that your freight gets to where it needs to be when it needs to be there? Read the rest of this entry >>