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Add to your fleet with long-term rentals or leases from Allstate Peterbilt

What are the benefits of long-term commercial truck rentals?

Leasing or renting commercial truck units can be an excellent way to supplement your fleet during busy season. If this need looks like it is going to be more than just temporary, a long-term rental or lease from Allstate Peterbilt Group might be the way to go. So what are the benefits of long-term commercial truck rentals? Read the rest of this entry >>

Truck Leasing Can Benefit Your Business

By Nick Corona
Leasing Manager
Allstate Peterbilt Group
The transportation of products and services is a central component to the way we all live. Whether that is a load of building materials, some fresh fruit or your weekly garbage pickup, we all rely on the transportation industry to keep the world moving. While each purchase or lease decision is company specific, many sectors of the transportation industry can and do benefit from leasing trucks. Those reasons include; controlling maintenance costs, freeing up capital for other expenses and providing reassurance to focus on a core business. Not to mention, leasing a truck is a great way to guarantee you’re always operating new model equipment without the investment of purchasing. In most cases, you can even customize the truck to meet your specific business needs. Read the rest of this entry >>