How Has Last-mile Delivery Affected the Trucking Industry?

The rise in e-commerce has had a significant impact on a variety of industries, the trucking industry included. As people are ordering more products online, the trucking industry is tasked with challenge of ensuring everyone gets their packages on time. The “last mile” of every delivery is the most important part. Let’s talk about how the last-mile delivery has affected the trucking industry!

Last-Mile Trucking Issues

As consumers purchase larger and larger items online, more pressure has been placed on trucking companies to deliver these items on a tight time schedule. A dishwasher cannot be delivered by your local mail carrier, so trucking companies are faced with the challenge of delivering large items to residential areas.Peterbilt 325 deliver truck

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This provides multiple challenges for last-mile trucking companies. Most commercial trucks are designed for highway driving and offloading at docks, not residential neighborhoods and driveways.

Last-mile delivery also places increased pressure on drivers, who are now expected to unload cargo, move it into the residence, and in some situations, assemble or install it. The result of this is that drivers are spending a disproportionate amount of time making residential deliveries. This loss of valuable time leads to a loss in money for many drivers and trucking companies.

The challenges associated with last-mile delivery have led to different reactions from trucking companies. Some have opted to avoid the industry all together, focusing on other types of trucking, while others have created teams with specialized equipment designed for this specific type of delivery. With more and more people choosing to shop online, the demand for last-mile delivery is going to increase as well.

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