Peterbilt Pre-Owned Truck Program

What is the Peterbilt Red Oval Certified Pre-Owned Truck Program?

Whether you’re interested in buying a truck to start a career as a trucker, you need to upgrade your vehicle, or you want to expand or enhance your fleet of trucks, getting a pre-owned semi is a great option. This can be more affordable compared to buying a new truck. And if you decide to go with a Peterbilt pre-owned truck that’s Red Oval Certified, you can also rest assured that you’ll be getting a high-quality vehicle that’s reliable and comes with modern features.
Wait, what are Red Oval Certified Peterbilt trucks, you ask? Check out the information below to learn more, and then browse used truck inventory to start shopping!

Get To Know Peterbilt Pre-Owned Semi Trucks That Are Red Oval Certified

If you want a pre-owned truck from Peterbilt, a Red Oval Certified vehicle is where you can begin your search. To give you an idea of why so many people consider this the best way to buy a semi truck, here are some of the main things you should know about this certified pre-owned truck program.

What does it mean to be certified pre-owned?

Every truck that’s certified has passed a 150-point inspection that’s factory-certified. Plus, these vehicles have passed DOT certification too. All of this helps prove that a truck is in tip-top shape to deliver the performance and reliability you want and need when you’re on the road. 

Also, all Red Oval Certified vehicles have less than 450,000 miles, and they aren’t older than four model years. This helps ensure you’re getting a used vehicle that is still in awesome working condition!

Who performs the comprehensive inspection on Peterbilt pre-owned semi trucks?

A master service technician who knows exactly what to look for will carefully and thoroughly inspect a truck to ensure it qualifies for certification. They’ll work on checking both the interior and exterior of the vehicle to see if anything needs to be repaired or serviced before the truck can be certified and put up for sale.

What are some of the things that are covered during inspection?

An inspection for Red Oval Certification will include the following:

  • Front to rear evaluation
  • Oil and filter change
  • Full DPF cleaning
  • Reconditioning services

The Perks of Peterbilt Red Oval Warranty Coverage

With a Peterbilt Red Oval warranty, you can enjoy greater peace of mind regarding the quality of your truck and your ability to have it repaired easily and affordably. And, remember, these trucks can’t be more than four years old. 

When you buy a Red Oval certified pre-owned truck from Peterbilt, you’ll also get the Red Oval Assurance Warranty. This is a 1-year/125,000-mile warranty. It’s complimentary, comprehensive, and factory-authorized, covering over 90 aftertreatment system components and engine components. But if you want more, you might be able to get additional coverage that may cover you for two years or 250,000 miles. 

Plus, if you buy one of the Class 8 models that have a PACCAR MX-13 Engine, you may be able to take advantage of the PACCAR Engines Pre-Owned Warranty.

Want to Learn More or Check Out Some Pre-Owned Semi Trucks?

If you want to learn more about Red Oval Certified Peterbilt trucks, or you’re ready to browse the inventory of used trucks that are available, you can search online or visit one of the many Allstate Peterbilt Group locations

Once you’ve invested in a truck that’s Red Oval Certified, you can drive off knowing that, even though you purchased a used vehicle, it’s as close to new as you can get. So, you’re basically getting the best of both worlds: a stellar vehicle that’s as good as new but at a more affordable price!


Updated December 23, 2021