The Importance of Truck Drivers in Times of Crisis

As people all over the world slow down, stay in, and do their best to stop the spread of the coronavirus, they’re also taking note of the workers who are putting themselves on the front lines.

Medical professionals aren’t the only ones helping others during this crisis. Grocery store employees are stocking shelves as often as they can, restaurant workers are still preparing meals for takeout orders, and delivery people are making sure families don’t have to leave their homes to get the food and supplies they need.

But there’s another group of heroes during this pandemic: truck drivers. The truth is that, if the trucking industry were to stop, everyone would be affected, including those grocery store workers, medical pros, and delivery people mentioned above. So here’s a brief look at some of the ways that truckers are supporting all of us. 

Delivering Supplies to Those Who Need Them

Whether you shop locally or online, you’re already aware of the many out-of-stock items. The only way that consumers can gain access to those products again is if they’re delivered efficiently to the stores that sell them. And that’s where truckers come in.

Imagine if truck drivers weren’t out there, working silently in the background. These are just a few of the ways that society would be affected:

  • There wouldn’t be anyone to deliver everything from food and bottled water to cleaning supplies and paper products to stores all over the country that serve communities of people of all ages.  
  • Researchers who are working tirelessly to find a cure for COVID-19 would be interrupted if truck drivers weren’t out there, picking up and delivering the supplies necessary to work in the lab.
  • First responders wouldn’t have what they need to help people during emergencies if it weren’t for truckers who don’t stop what they’re doing even in uncertain times.
  • With the rise in the number of coronavirus patients, medical facilities have been in dire need of supplies. Once again, it’s the truckers who have been able to deliver those products as quickly as possible.

Heroes Willing to Work Long Hours and Travel Long Distances

Because store shelves are empty, online shops are out of inventory, and medical facilities are strained with an influx of sick patients, truckers are needed more than ever. They’re putting in extended hours on the road (sometimes more than 12 hours), leading a solitary lifestyle that does more for others and helps keep the economy going even when consumers are told to stay home.

Truckers already know how important their job is on an everyday basis, but now they know that their job is critical, and they’re willing to step up to the plate. Sacrificing time that they could be spending with their families, truckers are also putting their own health at risk as they travel long distances and interact with a variety of people along the way.   

In addition to driving safely, truckers have been taking extra steps to disinfect their vehicles and practice social distancing. Whether they’re delivering an emergency load or a standard supply of goods, they’re doing what’s necessary to keep themselves and others healthy.

Truck Drivers are Essential

As the demand for food and supplies has increased all over the country, so has the demand for these essential workers, who often don’t get the credit that they deserve. Without truck drivers, every industry and every individual would be impacted, so they work around the clock.

These drivers are always there, going above and beyond, whenever times are tough, whether it’s after a natural disaster like a hurricane or a pandemic like COVID-19. Regardless of the weather, traffic, and other obstacles, they’re willing to respond to the needs of society before their own, and that fact has never been clearer. 

Thank a Trucker!

Although they aren’t always recognized for the work that they do, it’s during times of crisis, like the one we’re experiencing right now, that truckers should be appreciated for the service that they selflessly provide. So the next time you come across a truck driver, don’t hesitate to express your gratitude, wave to them, or just smile at them to let them know that you acknowledge everything they’re doing. And, once this challenging time has passed, remember that truckers are still going to be there, making sure you have what you need every day to be healthy, comfortable, and safe.