Are There Benefits to Buying a Discontinued Commercial Truck Model?

As commercial truck manufacturers bring out newly designed truck models, already established models can be discontinued. But, just because new trucks are no longer being made, it does not mean these older models suddenly disappear from the highways or pre-owned inventories. So are there benefits to buying a discontinued commercial truck model?

Discontinued Commercial Truck Values

Discontinued Peterbilt 386Discontinued commercial truck models can sometimes have a lower value than models that are still being produced. This can lead to lower prices on the pre-owned market. Truck shoppers looking to save money on a purchase will want to consider discontinued models.

There are many other benefits to buying a pre-owned vehicle that can make this a great option for fleet owners. Shopping the pre-owned market allows fleet owners to browse a wide variety of vehicle models at lower-than-new-prices.

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Servicing Discontinued Trucks

Finding service for discontinued truck models is not a challenge. Commercial truck service centers, like the ones at our Allstate Peterbilt Group locations, specialize in a variety of truck models, and are capable of providing top-notch service for discontinued models.

If a commercial truck from a discontinued model line meets all of your needs as a fleet owner or operator, then this should not be a deal-breaking factor.

At Allstate Peterbilt Group, we offer an extensive inventory of pre-owned commercial truck models, both current and discontinued. Interested truck shoppers can find their nearest Allstate Peterbilt Group location here on our website.