Warranty Options When Purchasing Pre-Owned

By Bill Maki
Used Truck Manager
Allstate Peterbilt Group

Recently, a host of companies offering extended warranties on pre-owned units entered the used truck market. Most of these programs include a limited mechanical breakdown warranty and require an inspection. So, how do you know if an extended warranty is worth the additional cost? Or which type is best for you?

Let’s start by comparing factory-authorized to independent providers:
Independent truck warranties are administered by third party providers offering extended coverage on powertrain and other various components of most class 3-8 trucks. These warranties can be purchased as a package or à la carte options ranging from engine, transmission, aftertreatment and even turbochargers to differentials, APU components and reefer units. A variety of term options are available ranging from six to sixty months and up to 600,000 miles. To qualify, a pre-owned unit undergoes a minor inspection of the powertrain components and some require a full-service oil change. Most used units are eligible for independent truck warranty programs. These extended warranties are an additional charge on top of the purchase price of the truck. However, many times the costs can be financed with the truck through the lender.
Factory-authorized warranties are certified by OEMs and in most cases require comprehensive inspections and reconditioning to meet the manufacturer’s requirements. Trucks have to be low mileage and late-model to qualify for certified, pre-owned warranties. The cost of these warranties is often included in the sale price of the truck. They offer no (or very low) deductibles and some include a towing reimbursement. Standard OEM extended warranties typically provide coverage for one year and over 100K miles. Additional value-priced, extended warranties and breakdown assistance are available for purchase on top of the standard warranty. For these warranties to be honored, purchasers must follow recommended manufacturers service/maintenance intervals.
Certified Pre-Owned Warranties Ensure Your Fleet:
•    You get the assurance that the used truck you’re buying meets the highest standards for quality and performance.
•    You may pay slightly more for an OEM certified used truck, but the coverage of the warranty could save you more than your initial investment.
•    You ensure the truck you are purchasing is safe and dependable.
OEMS including Peterbilt, Volvo and Freightliner offer variations of certified pre-owned programs. These warranties have established new standards and expectations in the pre-owned market. Trucks are considered certified after a thorough inspection of key components for functionality and safety and completion of any needed repairs and reconditioning.
Most OEM Programs Share Standard Requirements for a Truck to Qualify as Certified Pre-owned, Including:
•    Multi-point inspection
•    Full-service oil change
•    DPF cleaning
•    Federal DOT inspection
•    Interior/exterior detailing
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