What are the Different Kinds of Commercial Truck Driver Cameras?

Many commercial fleets have begun equipping their trucks with in-cab driver cameras. These new systems are designed to help protect the liability of drivers and fleet owners, should an accident occur. So what are the different kinds of commercial truck driver cameras?

What activates an in-cab camera?

There are multiple kinds of in-cab cameras offered for commercial trucks. Some are only activated under certain conditions. Many cameras will begin recording if the truck undergoes some kind of sudden movement, such as a rapid deceleration. The cameras are also triggered by any alerts from the truck’s safety systems, such as the collision avoidance or lane departure warning systems. Many of these cameras record both the driver and the road in front of the truck. Other cameras record continuously.Peterbilt 587 cabin

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Many cameras offer streaming functions that allow the driver to livestream footage from their trucks while on the roads. Some cameras can record both the driver and the front of the truck for over 40 hours.

Several camera models will connect with the truck’s GPS system to integrate navigation information into the video. Others will automatically upload footage using cloud-based technology.

In-cab cameras can provide peace of mind for both drivers and fleet owners. Camera footage can serve as a way to provide an accurate record of events should something unfortunate happen.

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