Peterbilt Reveals New Allison TC10 Transmission

What models can be equipped with the new Allison TC10 transmission?

Peterbilt is always developing new technologies and systems to keep their models at the top of the commercial truck market. The latest system the company is offering on their trucks is a new Allison TC10 automatic transmission. So what models can be equipped with the new Peterbilt transmission?

Allison TC10 Transmission Availability

The Allison TC10 transmission will be available on the Peterbilt 567 and 579 later in 2017. The new transmission features a twin-countershaft and is designed to optimize engine downspeeding and fuel economy that is perfect for tractor applications. A special, patented torque converter helps the engine produce torque multiplication at launch, leading to lower gear ratios without a sacrifice in performance.

“Peterbilt is pleased to partner with Allison to provide our customers additional choices that broaden the availability of driveline configurations to better match their application requirements.” – Kyle Quinn, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Senior Vice President.

Allison has designed the TC10 to be as durable as possible, helping to eliminate downtime for service or repairs. The TC10 has no scheduled maintenance for 500,000 miles. The transmission also comes with an industry-leading five-year, 750,000-mile comprehensive warranty. This warranty has no exclusions on individual components.

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