Mobile Truck Service Provides Convenience for Fleet Owners

By Kyle Gillett
Mobile Service Manager
Allstate Peterbilt Group
If you’re like most fleet owners, you may be able to perform routine maintenance at your facility. But you probably don’t have OEM certified technicians or electronic diagnostic tools on hand for the more complex jobs. So what are your options?
You could transport your truck to a dealer for service. But that means downtime.
You could purchase a yearly subscription for OEM diagnostic equipment. But these tools can be complicated for anyone who doesn’t use them regularly. And the tool only indicates what’s wrong; you still need to get someone to fix it. Especially if it’s warranty work.
Or, you could take advantage of mobile truck service programs. Mobile service allows fleets to schedule OEM certified technicians to come to your location and perform electronic diagnostics, warranty recall events and most repairs.
Keep reading to find out how mobile truck service may be the perfect solution for your working fleet.
Reduced Downtime
Mobile service allows you to schedule warranty work, preventative maintenance and repairs. On-site and on your schedule. There is no waiting for an open appointment at a service shop. In most cases a mobile service technician can come to you at a moment’s notice, or within 24 hours during peak times. In fact, most mobile service trucks are stocked with the correct parts and equipment to do almost everything except major overhauls and body work. Mobile truck service can also create a custom solution tailored to your fleet size and operations. Many fleets choose to set-up standing appointments weekly, in the evening or on weekends to have maintenance and campaigns addressed on all of their units in the lot. By keeping trucks out of the shop for minor maintenance and campaigns, it also opens up the availability of service shop appointments for those units needing more extensive repairs and overhauls.
Increased Customer Service
Many companies are faced with the challenge of getting equipment to a repair facility that may be miles away, but mobile truck service brings the shop to you. Having mobile service technicians come to you and your fleet, gives you the ability to avoid tow bills and manpower needed to get trucks into a repair shop. A mobile service truck also travels with a full inventory of the most common truck parts, ensuring you a completely stocked shop on wheels. Not only can a mobile service technician complete warranty work, campaigns and most repairs, now you and your team have full visibly to all service work being performed on your trucks.
Technical Expert Availability
Your shop may be able to perform needed routine maintenance, but you may not have OEM certified technicians or the electronic diagnostic tools to handle more complex jobs… think of mobile truck service as lending you a technician and the tools you need to get any job done. These technicians can be your diagnostics and repair mechanics. Mobile service helps fleet customers, like you, troubleshoot electronic problems quickly and efficiently. If an issue is identified during the placement of the service call, the scheduler can make sure the technician most knowledgeable in that area is sent to work on your truck. By sending a highly skilled technician to your fleet, you can be certain the equipment is being repaired correctly the first time without needing any additional service.
Not all mobile service providers staff OEM certified technicians. Ask your provider before scheduling a service call that requires OEM certification.
Here is a list of services a mobile technician might perform:
•    On-site preventative maintenance
•    Electronic diagnostics
o    Aftertreatment
o    Check engine lights
o    De-rate situations
o    Engine
o    Transmission
o    Chassis
o    Recording and clearing fault codes
o    ABS systems
o    OBD systems
•    Campaigns/recalls
•    Engine parameter/program changes
•    Heavy and light repairs
o    Adjustments
o    Batteries
o    Brakes
o    Cooling system
o    Exhaust repairs
o    Leaks
o    Lights
•    DOT inspections
•    On-site engine block machining
•    ECM updates
As a fleet owner, you’re always looking to save time and money. Mobile service helps you reduce downtime, control costs and spend more time focusing on your business.
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