Why are commercial truck glider kits popular?

Commercial truck gliders have been growing in popularity in recent years. Glider kits offer several attributes that make them attractive to commercial truck shoppers. So why are commercial truck glider kits popular?

What is a glider kit?

Glider kits are a way to reuse and repurpose damaged trucks and get them back on the roads. A glider kit takes the working components from damaged trucks, primarily a still-usable powertrain, and installs them in an otherwise new vehicle. Some companies specialize in creating glider trucks.

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Why are people buying gliders?

There are multiple reasons truck shoppers will choose a glider-based truck over a more-conventional new or used model. Some drivers prefer older engines, claiming they provide better fuel economy ratings and reliability than newer power sources, but would like these engines paired with a body with newer components.

The cost of a glider is also less than purchasing a comparable new truck, and in some cases exempt from federal taxes. These factors have created a rise in the number of glider trucks sold in recent years.

Other aspects of glider kits have led to hesitance from some fleet owners. Careful restrictions are placed on these unique trucks. Laws regarding the licensing of glider kits are also inconsistent between states, and on the federal level, creating confusion. Glider models also have a lower resale value than other trucks, decreasing the value of the investment.

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