Peterbilt 379 Performance and Capabilities

Even though the Peterbilt 379 is no longer in production (it was introduced in 1986 and discontinued in 2007), it’s still one of the most popular models of Class 8 trucks for anyone who wants a high-quality vehicle that will support their trucking career. And the good news is you can still purchase used Peterbilt 379 trucks! But, before you start shopping for one, it’s wise to take a look at some of its history and features. Continue reading to dive into a bit of helpful information about this stylish and rugged semi truck so you can decide if it’s the right one for you.

Peterbilt 379 History

What is a Peterbilt 379? Globally recognized, this was Peterbilt’s best-selling model while it was in production. And it was the biggest truck offered by this manufacturer at the time that it was launched. It was designed to be durable and comfortable, with modern features that made it stand out against other options on the market. 

This popular conventional cab truck has been used by owner-operators for decades, and truckers have taken advantage of the fact that you can customize this vehicle to suit your unique needs and preferences. Made for highway use, it has been a go-to choice for drivers who spend a long time on the road away from home. Plus, because it is made to be easy to maintain and repair, this is a vehicle that many truckers have turned to for its reliability and power. 

The 379 was created after the 359, which was in production until 1986. Some of the features made it different from its predecessor, so it was able to stand on its own. Then, this model was later replaced by an even newer one, known as the 389. Yet, the 379 still has a solid reputation, and it is well-known both within the trucking industry and beyond it. Plus, you can still see these attractive trucks on the road today!

Peterbilt 379 Specs

Here are some specs to help you get to know the Peterbilt 379 a little better.

What engine is in a Peterbilt 379?

The engines for this truck include Caterpillar options like the C11, C12, C13, C15, C16, 3406C, 3406E, and C156NZ. 

You can also go with a truck that has a Cummins engine, such as an ISM, ISX, or N14. 

And Detroit Diesel is yet another engine option, with the Series 60 12.7.

How long is a Peterbilt 379?

You can choose from the 119″ option or the extended length, which comes in at 127″.

What is the interior like, and what are the sleeper options?

The Peterbilt 379 provides you with plenty of room for comfort and control. The cab is spacious, and the contoured dash is designed to keep everything within reach and within sight as well. 

When it comes to interior trim types, options include Platinum, Accent, Prestige, and American Class (Best). 

In terms of sleeper size, options include:

  • 36”
  • 48”
  • 63”
  • 70”
  • 120” ARI
  • 144” ARI
  • Daycab

Also, sleeper features can include power inverter, extra storage, cabinets, TV bracket mounting capabilities, audio control, and rear climate control, all of which are extremely convenient for long stretches of time spent on the road.

Want to Purchase a Used Peterbilt 379?

As mentioned above, even though the 379 is retired, you can still find these trucks for sale, so you might be able to get your hands on one if you’re diligent about keeping an eye out for them. Just be aware that, when they are for sale, these trucks are usually sold quickly, so act fast if you really want one!


Updated on March 17, 2021